Irvine Handyman Service Custom Door Installation

Irvine Handyman Service Custom Door Installation, All In 1 Handyman was contacted by a Woodbury, Irvine California resident, to install there Custom built door for their master bathroom. One of the growing treads today is to use reclaimed wood, you might ask yourself what is reclaimed wood? Companies are popping up today selling old reclaimed wood, that has years of weathering and now turning them into something beautiful, like picture frames, park benches, planter boxes and yes even doors for master bathrooms. This Irvine client found a website that shows step by step process on how to build your own sliding barn doors. So Irvine Handyman Service was asked to install this custom built door, with barn door hardware in there newly paint master bedroom. This door installation was the finishing touch on this master bedroom remodel. Thanks to All In 1 Handyman the job was completed on time and before a family visit.

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